Friday, March 28, 2008

Chickens...comin home to roost. CONTEXT

I first must say that I am not an Obama supporter.

I am not a Clinton supporter.

I am not even a Democrat.

But...someone should say it.

The mainstream media's daily whipping of Obama and his pastor seems a bit unjust and misplaced.

It is very likely to make Obama unelectable in November or lose the nomination and destroy his Pastor's legacy.

For shame.

Please watch the following:

You decide if the comments are taken out of context, if the true message has been obliterated and distorted with collective misstatements, and snippets pieced together to develop the incendiary loop shown nightly on cable news.

I wonder if any of the screaming heads and pundits have taken the time to view the entire sermon to determine what if any truth may be found in the ultimate message.


Anonymous said...

did anybody in the world trade center deserve the rotten scum flying air planes into buildings. Or as Wright, OBama and Malcolm X would say the chickens are coming home to roost.

Anonymous said...

NO. They did not deserve it. But if you watch the entire sermon. That's not what he said...

10-8-ious said...

Forget what the pastor said -- keep your eye on the ball -- he's not the one running for Pres. What is REALLY worth a read is the entire text of Obama's speech in Philly the day after that ridiculous story broke.

I'm sure you can find it on line -- read it -- not just the sound bites but the whole speach. And if you are not completely inspired by this great leader, there's something wrong with you. This man is a visionary and a uniter -- both qualities that this country is in do-or-die need of at this point.

(If you have not guessed, I AM an Oboma supporter :)

R.J. Baker said...

10-8-tious, a lot of people has said that the speech you mentioned may go down as one of the great historic speeches of our time.

I must admit he is very appealing and the nation needs, no demands change.

Unfortunately, his record in the Senate, in the short time he's been there does not reflect that he is, in fact a agent of change. It's actaully interesting that when you look for a candidate that has crossed the iles and made real, bi-partisan changes through legilature, only on has - McCain...

McCain's so liberal, he scares many neocons. McCain-Leiberman, McCain--Feingold, McCain-Kennedy...these are all legilative inititiative that McCain and across the ilse dems passed or attempted to pass.

I'm not saying Obama can't or might do the same...he just hasn't, yet.

What do you think?

10-8-ious said...

I think McCain will be so much of the same old-fashioned politics that he would continue this train wreck on it's present course -- which is creating nothing but hatred and annomosity around the globe.

This country needs to heal the wounds it's caused and McCain is NOT the person do do that. The only record he is proud of is his military record -- that's the last friggin' thing we need.

(Another reason I like Oboma -- I think there are too many Hilary-haters and McCain might even stand a chance against her which scares the hell out of me!)

What do I think?! -- how long do you have?! (you know me better than to ask me that! ha ha) said...

Never mind,
Obama just saved himself with his champion bowling form.
But don't worry about the mass media. He has been known,on air,to eat some of those guys for breakfast.
Told a host he gave up watching that particular cable show years ago.