Monday, September 29, 2008

Looting of America:Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse


Friday, March 28, 2008

Chickens...comin home to roost. CONTEXT

I first must say that I am not an Obama supporter.

I am not a Clinton supporter.

I am not even a Democrat.

But...someone should say it.

The mainstream media's daily whipping of Obama and his pastor seems a bit unjust and misplaced.

It is very likely to make Obama unelectable in November or lose the nomination and destroy his Pastor's legacy.

For shame.

Please watch the following:

You decide if the comments are taken out of context, if the true message has been obliterated and distorted with collective misstatements, and snippets pieced together to develop the incendiary loop shown nightly on cable news.

I wonder if any of the screaming heads and pundits have taken the time to view the entire sermon to determine what if any truth may be found in the ultimate message.

Hillary ducking sniper fire....

Real danger...and an insult to the secret service and US military that they would have the First Lady, her daughter, & Sinbad the comedian such danger.


Has our threshold of holding a politician to the truth sunk so low that we can't see this as a flatout lie...and she is seeking the highest office is the land.

I actually doubt her judgement, if it was true, that she would put her daughter in harms way.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

...and the beat goes on.

It's the new year and I have yet to post a new blog. In the past I have tried inspirational, trite, crap that I tried to pass off as good writing.

This year, we'll see.

Late happy new year to all and good luck in 2008.

With terrorists stapping bombs to mentally impared women and detonating them in Baghdad pet stores and our Presidential hopefuls tearing each other apart on religion, race, and the like it looks like we're in for a looooooonnnnnnngggggggg year.

But hey, if they pass the Stimulous Package we'll all be getting a "free" check in the mail. Isn'tr there some line about the three biggest lies told?